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I am, of course, referring to Bakuretsu Muteki Bangai-O.

A series of games featuring the titular mecha, Bangai-O, as it sprays a colourful 2D world with a vast array of homing missiles and lasers.

The real purpose of a mecha, in a game at least, is based around what it can do.

Two years later Treasure came along and proved this rather magnificently.

' is a column written by Ollie Barder, which covers videogames that feature robots and the pop-cultural folklore surrounding them.

This column covers the origins of the Bangai-O series and why Hover Attack isn't the main creative creative catalyst.] There are few games developers in the world that engender such a fan driven fervour as Treasure.

For those that have been reading the column regularly, I've already covered the effect of each of these series (here and here).

Specifically, three anime series were cited in the interview; Macross, Layzner and Ideon.

Treasure solved the problem of their mecha's potency by making the actual sprite tiny.

As a consequence they were able to "fit" the mecha functionality into the player's view.

However, Ideon also possessed an array of other weapons tucked away within it.

These were installed by the humans that originally found the alien artifact.

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