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I think in the last episode, that’s leading into Monday night’s episode, she’s on the train. I think in her energy and her spirit he really connects with her and allows himself to sort of use that relationship. He’s just the nicest guy in the world and he’s super funny. But, I’m so very aware of the caliber of the things he’s worked.

And speaking of Ryan, he’s played by the fabulous Kevin Bacon.

You know we’re learning about handling the guns and what the protocols might be for working in the FBI or working in New York in general is just so different, and it’s been a brutal winter []. I mean, there’s a lot of aspects to it but it’s just so fun to play off of Shawn Ashmore who plays Mike Weston. He’s just always interesting and the choices he makes as far as that character. I was really into it, and it was just such a well-done show in general.

It’s been a huge learning curve, but year a really fun role to play. I guess Max is tough, and I’m definitely a sweet but stubborn girl at times, but I had an older brother who was really important to me and helped me a lot. TDQ: I heard you were a fan of the show before taking on the role, is that true? When I got the audition I was actually out of the country and I flew back in for it.

PHOTOS: Beverly Hills, 90210 stars, then and now "To me, it seemed really off-base that my character would even be behaving that way, because she does come from a pretty solid family and there was never any mention of her reaching out to her parents at all for money or anything," Grimes lamented.

"I mean, they had a house in Beverly Hills, her mom's living in Paris — it's not like they're broke!

Both roles were fun to play, but this is the type of role I really wanted for my career. I was really gunning for it.] Plus moving to New York in general, I didn’t really know what to expect.

I’m working with so many established actors also on a new network with a new crew, so I’ve definitely had to get used to it.

Don't tell Jessica Stroup that I said that, but I was very jealous! ' because the fans love it so much," Grimes told Us. it seems like a safe bet." For more from Grimes — including her thoughts on Dixon Wilson's car accident — watch the video (above).If they could improve her material, I'd appreciate it.I'd love to see Joy take some more self-defense training from Colleen, like she was starting to do in one of the early episodes.You have to be comfortable with your crew especially if you’re working on a show for a while. I don’t get to spend a lot of time with the bad guys, but when I do see them it’s always really funny.Being a fan of the show before I know who they are, so when I see them in the hair and makeup trailer I always have to do a double take.

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