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(Naturally, change the pronouns to fit your situation and rest on the affirmations that resonate for you.) When I’m feeling anxious, insecure, and upset, I’m experiencing a drop in my brain’s dopamine and serotonin levels.

These drops undermine my feelings of optimism and confidence, and drive me to seek out the false reward of reassurance and closeness with my ex-lover.

We don't tell ourselves that this pain just lasts too long and the person is just not worth it. All that can make us more strong at the end and we will be able to accept losses and grieve and also help other people in a similar situation. I noticed that when I wanted to feel better and get rid of the pain it just stayed..

And this way people used to heal themselves not thousands of years. We can grieve, accept the loss, and be patient in this situation. and just after I somehow accepted my situation, got used to it, after some time I realised with a surprise that it's gone..

I'm trying really hard to keep it together and leaning on a few friends.

Everyone tells me to dump the jerk, that I'm worth more than that. My mind is in continous loop of all the good times and love. I don't know how to stop loving him and move on without him.

I'm now in my early 30's afraid that I'm too old and I will never again find someone I can have this much love for. Now, I'll find out just how strong I am and just how important my happiness is , as those are the things I'll have to concentrate on. It was so intense that I almost had a heart attack.Intimacies developed, experiences shared and all of it. For the past 10 years we have lived apart some of each year for several reasons unrelated to our relationship.He considers himself to be "single for the summer" and I have known about his innocent flirtations.I shall boost my confidence and restore calm by remembering the following: Now after six weeks, she's finding that these affirmations have become habits in her thinking, and she can more easily counter destructive thoughts as they arise.Occasionally she still trips up or gets triggered, but the falls are less frequent and not as far.

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