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There is a wealth of information here to make your nightly activities far more productive, naughty & fun!Most of the bars here are foreign owned, but the quality and experience of each can be VERY different.One of the Sappers attached, was I believe, Sapper Duncuff, who was wounded in the same incident which took Peter's life.I see that Spr Duncuff is recorded as having been KIA on the 21st.Mark Simonsen 10th March 2014 Two years ago, you helped me find Ray Davidson of V Coy, survivor of an ambush south of the Horseshoe on 24 Nov 69.I have since written a book, which in part, deals with that event and its aftermath.We too will remember those who lost their lives in the battle, may they rest in peace.

(It was election day, we were at an outpost down from the Horseshoe called Ap Lo Gom).Ian Roberts 2 CER 30th January 2012 I would like to contact whoever is familiar with the events of when NZ members of V Coy were patrolling with an ARVN PF unit south east of Dat Do.I was the pilot of the Direct Support Possum helicopter who was sent to investigate a radio call for help.Duty First Leo Van De Kamp President 4th June 2015 Joe Cazey ([email protected]) Phone Contact 0407 649 424 says:- All the best from the Pl Comd 15 Pl C Coy at JTC during BE training, attached to C Coy.Pl made up of 6 RAR pioneer & mortar men plus a section of sappers from 7 Fd Sqn. Then I served in 1 Fd Sqn and supported the battalion during '66/67 as part of 1 Fd Tp. Joe 25th November 2014 I am seeking photos and any other information on my brother Glenn Simonsen ("simo") who served in D Coy in the 1970's .

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From Australian Army pilot to Chief Pilot roles in organisations in/across several countries, to Chief Executive Officer of a major Australian helicopter company the story has been written for those with an interest in adventure, aviation (especially helicopters), cultural differences, management and personal growth. If you have any questions, or experience any difficulty with the ordering process, please email the author at [email protected]" David Earley I served in 6RAR from 1974 to 1978 and have fond memories of that time, I'd like to catch up with an old mate John (noggy) More he used to ride a Kawasaki 900, I lost contact in the mid 80's and have often wondered what happened to him, cheers lundy 18th August 2013 My brother Ian Humphrey served in 6 RAR from 1975 to about 1977 as a private (machine gunner) possibly in D Coy. If anyone knew Ian and has a photo of him that the family could see we would be so grateful to hear from you. 29th May 2013 Hi gents, just wanted to thank you for the notifications by email and on the site about the passing of our former comrades.

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