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The guard assumes they are going to be prosecuted since this is the first offense of this kind in the country. The prosecution decides to look into the past of these four and build a case that will destroy their characters. Jerry and George's parents prepare to go to Latham for the trial. On the highway they run into trouble with a maroon Volkswagen Golf.

Kramer returns from the beach, but has a little bit of water trapped in his ear.She responds, "I always loved U-United Airlines." The jury returns a verdict of guilty.The foursome shows no remorse as they are sentenced to a year in jail, for doing "nothing." Jackie testifies to Jerry about Sidra's lack of implants.Watch Now The videotape Kramer made is played for the jury.When the NBC executives arrive, George forgets about the trial for a moment and complains loudly about the plane. George's former girlfriend Robin, whose apartment caught on fire. A detective from when Kramer was dressed like a pimp.

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