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Note the tilda n, which drops all the subkeys from the path for /f "tokens=2*" %%T in ('reg query %1 /v Display Name 2^ nul') do echo .

Uninstalling - %%U: | find "Java" && call : Sun-Java-Installs %~n1 goto : EOF : Sun-Java-Installs Rem Run Uninstaller for the installation Msi /x%1 /qb echo . goto : EOF Searching Registry for Java Installs 'DEV_24x6' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Run "msiexec /x /q",1, True ' Uninstall Java 6.0.5 Wsh Shell.

Run "msiexec /x /q",1, True ' Uninstall Java 6.0.30 (020608) Wsh Shell.

I'm setting up a system to keep Java in our office up to date.

Everyone has all different versions of Java, many of them old and insecure, and some dating back as far as 1.4.

Run "msiexec /x /q",1, True ' Uninstall Java 6.0.0 Wsh Shell.Run "msiexec /x /q",1, True ' Uninstall Java 5.0.4 Wsh Shell.Run "msiexec /x /q",1, True ' Uninstall Java 5.0.5 Wsh Shell.Reading through the script, I don't understand everything, but I don't know why it is trying to run pieces of registry keys as programs. How can I fix it, so that I can move on to somehow turning it into a MSI and deploying it to everyone to clean up this office?Or alternatively, can you suggest a better solution or existing MSI file to do what I need?

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Run "msiexec /x /q",1, True ' Uninstall Java Wsh Shell.

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