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Those that reached the island arrived in scattered groups, assembled and began searching for others. Then they were billeted at the camp of the 147th Field Artillery awaiting orders.

Eight of the men of the defense detachment were wounded, some severely, and the detachment's commander, Second Lieutenant Kane, died of gangrene in hospital at Darwin.

As the ship was making that attempt the Japanese began landing on Sumatra 14 February, Singapore surrendered on the 15th, evacuation of forces from Sumatra to Java was completed, Bali is taken and Java is isolated on the 17th.

Change 4 to AR 600-45, 4 September 1942, restricted the award to those wounded in action against the enemy or as a direct result of enemy action.

Don Isidro was one of eight Army ships known to make the attempt to run the Japanese blockade of the Philippines from Australia or the Netherlands East Indies during the largely failed attempt to supply forces on Bataan and Corrigedor.

Of note for Don Isidro's fate, the allied convoy headed to Timor escorted by the USS Houston (CA-30) is recalled to Darwin on the 18th.

The run for the Torres Strait was going without incident until an unknown destroyer and freighter were spotted on the 17th headed in the opposite direction and then on 18 February Don Isidro was attacked twice by a Japanese bomber, though without damage.

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