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While Lauer rose to television stardom with his Today show gig, Roque has been featured in Victoria's Secret catalogs as well as in advertisements for J. According to Page Six, Lauer, who had a reputation as a philanderer, was urged to settle down and get married by NBC executives who were concerned that his playboy image would hurt the Today show given its heavily female viewership.

Lauer and Roque were married less than a year after they met, but it was a tumultuous union, according to Page Six.

When Roque sought to divorce Lauer years ago, Lauer reportedly offered her million in cash to remain in the marriage.

The image-conscious Lauer made the cash offer because he was reportedly so concerned about how a divorce might be perceived by his audience.

Since news of Lauer's firing, at least seven other women have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct.

The now-disgraced former Today show host has been mostly holed up in his apartment on Park Avenue in Manhattan while his former model wife stays at their Long Island mansion.

The couple is seen in Bridgehampton, New York on August 31, 2014While much of the country was shocked by the news given Lauer's squeaky clean image as a wholesome good guy, those who knew the couple say that he was a bad husband.

Since 2011, Roque and her three children were reportedly living in their home in Sag Harbor, while Lauer stayed in Manhattan during the week.Lauer even owns five horses himself, but it was been widely rumored that the horses were a gift to his wife whenever she caught him cheating.Locals who see Lauer near his Manhattan apartment say that they cannot recall ever seeing him and his wife together dining.Photos courtesy of Mistress Adrienne/@Mistress Adrienne NYCwhips, chains and leather is not limited to Christian Grey’s penthouse lair. MA: Well, they’ll either be nude, or they’ll be dressed in women’s clothing. Sometimes I’ll bring my old, ripped pantyhose – a pair that’s gotten torn up, and I’ll put them in those. And if it’s somebody that really needs to be restrained and taught a lesson, I’ll put them in a body bag. MA:  Absolutely." data-reactid="56"YS: Have you done that before? MA: I’m really good at getting people to at least try.There’s a thriving, underground population of people who enjoy  teasing and torture. The slaves don’t have the privilege to be able to see me nude." data-reactid="52"YS: You don’t take your clothes off? And I’m fair: If someone tries it and I can tell they’re really freaking out, like physically freaking out and not prematurely freaking out then I’ll stop and we can compromise. MA:  I love the riding crop, like the ones equestrians use.   Plus, the nice thing about the riding crop is that it’s small so you can use it on a lot of different body parts.

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