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:( I know in time I will get stronger each and everyday.

I saw his true side and I finally was strong enough to end it. This has definitely been a learning experience for me.

and have two beautiful children but I have been having an affair with a MM for over a year. Loren's must have found out about the emails that I sent to Evan’s siblings for she emailed me yet again.

days later, I got warnings from Outlook with these messages for back up: Subject : Fwd: Video Screen Shot The lady named Gladys with this email address that l reported is using social media, humiliating myself, violating my human rights, posting video andpictures during our... It's because of her loud mouth and big ego that blew this affair out of proportion.

Loren’s sister in law had this to say: i am so very sorry. If you are involved in an affair there is something major missing from your marriage. It was during a time of feeling numb and unloved as well as too much hostility from my own spouse. my sadness, after loosing the love I thought had saved me.

Tomorrow 01/13/13 is the1 year anniversary of my relationship with the man I'm having an affair with, the man I compromised my entire life for, the man I chose over my family when I got caught 6 months ago, and the man I currently live with today. I'm dealing with major depression because my OW decided that our lives are better off without each other. 2015 I got a demand letter from their lawyer: My clients say that since February 2015, you have engaged in repeated and persistent acts intended to embarrass, humiliate and besmirch the reputation of my clients by sending salacious, offensive and derogatory communication to... We had started messaging each other on this app again about a few weeks ago and it felt nice, to feel wanted. I am a professional with a career, home and financial security. I wasn't meeting him to rekindle anything, nor was he. (I suffered in silence…I didn't want to hear these words anymore…these were his words each time..didn't have to suffer, no one... The issue I have is finding time for us to be together! I don't know if he is losing interest or maybe in overthinking. The first time we met for sex I was so nervous that I accidently locked my keys in my car. Covered with innuendos and lies just to have that one more hug, one more look, one more talk, one more kiss, then one more... (His texts, emails, voice mails, and love letters show his requests to see me. I have a great career, loving family and a few close friends. When you see a woman with auburn hair, you think about how you loved to wrap my curls around your fingers when we kissed. He promised that we’d be exclusive and he threw away his wedding ring as a sign that... When I am with him he makes me feel like I am a princess and I am the only one who matters. We are both married, and yes, I know it's awful of us to seek comfort in each other, but we did. insight of a person that is currently involved in having an affair and giving this insight might give you a different opinion of us...might not agree with our actions but never judge someone before you know the entire it goes... Haunting in their hidden beauty and their memorable "one liners". If the home wasn't off to begin with the affair wouldn't have happened. I never pressured or obligated Gladys to visit me in Toronto. All that I ever wanted in life was to be successful at any and everything I touched. we were in love, and probably still are (i definitely am) but ultimately it was my choice to end it - i didnt want to end my marriage for various reasons and knew... when you wake up, you miss the good morning texts and calls we shared. Every night you think about how we would say " goodnight love bug." ... I prepared to sue for my personal belongings and fraud. We can't have these conversations with our friends (or many of them. She was not even on the conference that's why Evan was able to say that he just used me as... we have been texting, well mostly flirting, on a daily basis. friends you have made on here....ones who know everything about you but never judge you? we sat on the patio alone and got to know a little about each other. I am able to enjoy my sports teams and hit the gym 5 days a week.

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