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n the beginning of the fall 2014 term at Columbia University, Zachary, then a senior, had just started dating a fellow student.

They were not "boyfriends yet," Zachary said, but they decided to attend an on-campus party together late one Thursday night.

Title IX, the federal law that mandates gender equality in education, advises sexual assault cases be fully resolved within 60 days of the initial reporting.

Columbia's policy goes further, stating that investigations will take no longer than 30 days and that once the investigation is over, a hearing will wrap up a case two weeks later.

These documents show that both before and after the investigation of Sulkowicz's alleged sexual assault, Columbia has taken missteps in handling other cases, failing to adhere to federal guidance and standards.

Several of the students who spoke candidly about their cases with The Huffington Post for this story did so on the condition of anonymity, to protect their privacy.

She said she asked the university to intervene, but Columbia said she was on her own.

Consequently Sarah broke the gag order and told the student committee about the sexual assault report she had filed. Activists offered to help Sarah find legal assistance should the male student take legal action against her.

He said he experienced throat pain from the incident.

The tone of the conversation shifted in December when her alleged assailant, Paul Nungesser, spoke out to declare his innocence.

Depending on who the public believed, Sulkowicz was either a heroic victim or a vindictive liar.

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As the media drew attention to Sulkowicz's highly visible activism, international focus shifted to Columbia and allegations that the school botched its handling of sexual assault cases.

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