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Memorable moment: Homer meets fellow voice artist June Bellamy (a tribute to Hanna Barbera voice actress June Foray) Homer: "How did you get to be so good? Actually the eighth show to be produced, this set the template for the early years with its mixture of anarchic comedy and cosy moralising.Bart decides to get a tattoo because "they're cool and they last forever" - but when Marge finds out, she spends her Christmas savings to have it surgically removed.Memorable moment: After a script read-through, it became clear the episode was too short, so executive producer Al Jean stretched out one throwaway sight gag for nearly thirty seconds.The resulting sequence, where Sideshow Bob steps on, and is smacked in the face by, a rake nine times is one of the series' best moments of slapstick.

The 10-year-old spends the episode hopelessly trying to study for an all-important exam, and breaks down in tears when he gets the inevitable 'F'.Sensing something is amiss, Bart and Lisa prepare for their parents to split up, but Marge stops short of having an affair when she realises how much she loves her family.The episode ends with a parody of An Officer and A Gentleman, as Homer happily leaves work with Marge in his arms, declaring: "I'm going to the back seat of my car with the woman I love, and I won't be back for 10 minutes." Memorable moment: When Homer presents Marge with the bowling ball, it falls out of its box and crushes her birthday cake.In a parody of The Shining, Homer goes crazy when he finds there is no TV or beer at his remote winter lodge, prompting him to try to kill his family.Time and Punishment sees Homer change the world to one ruled by Ned Flanders after he goes back in time and accidentally kills a mosquito, causing a huge butterfly effect.

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