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Similarly, went live in 1998, was acquired in 2005 after no recorded profits since 2000, and most recently, sold in 2014.

While was established way back in 1991, they didn’t add the “.com” suffix until 2002. Another possible downside to the e-prefix and style, which also occurs outside of the dot com realm, is the issue of distinctiveness.

We’ll find out the future for MOOCs (massive open online courses), training for junior doctors, investigative schooling and much more. In the spirit of sharing ideas that change the world, we’ve partnered with Cass Business School and City University for our latest video series.

For instance, the popular online dating site went live in 1995 as one of the early pioneers of the internet.Entrepreneurs and companies alike were founding new brands and even rebranding to capitalise by adding an “e-” prefix or a “.com” suffix to their business names, the newest trend among brand names. Looking at trademark registrations over 1999 – 2001, there are literally hundreds of e- prefixed registrations such as e-touch, e-card, e-takeaway, e-start. Then, suddenly, not only was there a plethora of e- prefixes, but .COM suffixes were seemingly added to every other new name.In a time not too long ago, there was a huge market that was untapped in every sense of the word.The internet was becoming a “thing” after making its public debut in 1994 and everyone was logging onto the World Wide Web to play games, communicate, research, and purchase products.

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