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There is no equivalent in Bermuda, in types of services offered to senior citizens and the disabled, of Age UK - see in the United Kingdom or AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) in the USA or Canadian Association of Retired Persons (see (There is a local Age Concern entity, concerned about the plight of seniors, active for their financial better quality of life but without the same powers as the AARP in USA and Age UK. For Bermudian senior citizen owners of real estate who apply for it, with no means testing.

To obtain these, they have pay significantly more than citizens and residents of the USA. The new name of the office aims to reflect its expanded remit to provide services to people with disabilities rather than those with physical challenges only, while replacing seniors with ageing to be consistent with the Bermuda Governments plan to promote such initiatives as the National Ageing Plan.

Bermuda spends far more on its government than it does on its senior citizens.

Bermuda's seniors who are not rich, not earning an average income of over ,000 a year or a decent pension, and don't own their own homes (more than 43%) are appallingly badly off compared to seniors in less affluent countries who are far better looked after by their governments.35 percent of seniors in Bermuda make less than ,000 a year, according to the Seniors Test for Ageing and Trends (STATS) survey.

It aimed to ensure that disabled persons have every opportunity to reach their individual potential and to see the removal of barriers that prevent their full participation in Bermudian society. Perinchief classed a disability as a long-term health condition lasting more than six months, which can include physical, emotional or learning difficulties.

According to the 2000 Census, disability affects 3,000 residents on the Island five percent of the population.

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Since 2013, seniors with properties with ARVs above $50,000 now pay the assessed tax on the portion above the $50,000 threshold.

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