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The breakdown was published by the OOC due to a flood of requests, explained executive director Susan Tsui.“[B]ased on the volume of recent inquiries regarding payment of awards and settlements reached under the CAA, I am releasing these figures beginning with Fiscal Year 1997, up to and including FY 2017,” wrote Grundmann in statement.

Interestingly, Japan also had the lowest level of sexual violence, at 6 percent, but Ethiopia had the highest, at 59. Rwanda's place at the top was not by accident: The population was about 70 percent female after the genocide of the mid-90s, so the government adopted policies to try to help boost women's role in public life, as the Washington Post reported.

Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa had the smallest overall gender gaps across all of the health indicators -- but that could be because health care access in those countries is lower across the board, so sickness is equal-opportunity: Women feel safest in the tiny, former-Soviet country of Georgia: According to Gallup , the countries where women feel safest walking around alone at night aren't the ones you'd think: Georgia, Rwanda and Singapore top that list, but only because their more rigid governments keep a close watch on things: Many of the countries on this list -- including Rwanda, Tajikistan, and Laos -- are authoritarian regimes in which security forces exercise a high degree of control over the population, suggesting that in some cases personal security may come at the expense of personal freedoms.

Women have the most maternity leave in Bulgaria Among OECD countries, Bulgaria offers more than 56 paid weeks of maternity leave to women.

"A large portion of cases originate from employing offices in the legislative branch other than the House of Representatives or the Senate, and involve various statutory provisions incorporated by the CAA, such as the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act," explained the director.

The first National Women's Day was celebrated on March 8, 1909, a day designated by the Socialist Party of America to honor of the 1908 garment workers' strike in New York.

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The Xbox Live service is available as both a free service, known as Xbox Live Silver and a subscription-based service known as Xbox Live Gold, respectively, with most features such as online gaming restricted to the Gold service.

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