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On the other hand, we have Trump, maybe the last man in the Imperial Capital, who still believes in the old ideal of America. He is the first president in many generations to truly sacrifice in order to serve in office. He even sounds like where he comes from, which is no longer typical of a member of the political class.

He came into office believing that his victory would be enough to convince the political class to go along with his reform program.

They see his very existence as proof of some hidden conspiracy to overthrow democracy and install Trump as the 12th invisible Hitler, returned to usher in the Fourth Reich.

They have to go down this path, turning everything on its head, otherwise they are the villains.

Trump is both the tribune of the people and the defender of the prevailing order.

He is in a strange position, in that he is pushing for the sorts of reforms popular with the Populis faction and tasked with defending the order that makes it possible for the Optimate faction to exist.

In the current crisis, there are some similarities to both events.

Those plotting against republican order are doing so claiming Trump is an authoritarian.

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