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On a mission to win over teenage and 20-something users -- a group glued to their smartphones and coveted by Internet firms -- Tinder has hired a roster of undergraduates, including Aull, to promote the app on college campuses, report back on how students perceive the service and throw parties that will boost Tinder downloads.Aull is one of two Tinder “campus reps” in the college hub of Boston.His job, he explained, is simple: “I’m in charge of bringing new kids to the product.” Staid Fortune 500 brands, like Microsoft, Target and Hewlett-Packard, have long hired undergraduates to serve as brand ambassadors, while up-and-coming social networking sites could traditionally rely on their novelty and web know-how to help them gain a foothold on campuses, then spread organically from there.But Tinder, a Los Angeles-based startup that received seed funding from IAC, isn’t taking any chances, and youth marketing experts say the last year has brought an uptick in small startups, like Tinder, seeking college students to plug their services.Chances are they or someone they end up dating will also sign up for a dating app (I have seen it happen time after time). Some apps maybe more popular at some schools, but here are a few apps below.Instead of waiting for the guy or girl of your dreams to appear on campus, check out the dating apps below. Hopefully one of these dating apps is just what you are looking for!College can be hard to find the guy or girl of your dreams. Why is college so hard to meet someone you may ask? If your friend shames you for being on a dating app just ignore them.

“It was a really large party -- there were probably 200 or 300 people there -– and to get in, you had to have the Tinder app on your phone.” In addition to hosting parties at his fraternity, Aull has partnered with a Tufts sorority to throw events, and he’s even organized a Tinder mixer at a Boston University sorority with the help of a young woman he met through the app.A Tinder spokeswoman said Tinder does not pay for its reps' events, though it will in some cases provide Tinder-branded apparel.Aull isn’t being paid to promote Tinder, but he’ll be joining the young company as an intern later this summer and said there are "non-financial benefits" to serving as a rep.He says he aims to to attract "opinion leaders/social influencers" who might not have considered an app like Tinder before, then turn them into advocates for the service.Aull described his Tinder-themed events as “classier” cocktail party affairs, with occasional prizes for people who find matches and free drinks for people over 21.

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