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Although the couple had previously starred alongside one another in Season 7, they were nothing more than casual friends and co-stars at the time.

Following their public debut in late November 2015, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton quickly became a favorite celebrity couple, and for years, the rumor mill claimed they were either engaged or secretly married.

They also faced allegations of secret pregnancies and plans to undergo in vitro fertilization in hopes of conceiving their first child.

The singer filed for divorce from husband Gavin Rossdale in August after 13 years of marriage, just two weeks after it emerged that Blake had filed for divorce from wife of four years Miranda Lambert.

It’s been more than two years since Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert called it quits on their four-year marriage, but the “Tin Man” songstress is still reeling over their split. When Miranda Lambert and her boyfriend Anderson East criticized one of Blake Shelton's idols recently, he made a surprising decision to get involved. It's amazing how some of the most innocent celebrities, like tags Sandra Bullock and Mindy Kaling, can have their names scrambled into something super naughty. Although we're ecstatic when our favorite stars hook up, especially if they're a weird or quirky pair, there've been a few celebrity couples we've quietly stopped cheering for this year. Summer days on the lake mean everything to Blake Shelton.

He named his new album, Texoma Shore, after a magical week he and girlfriend Gwen Stefani spent on his Oklahoma ranch. Ever since Season 1 of The Voice, coach Blake Shelton has been a fan-favorite so of course, they're worried that he might grow tired of the show, especially since he just announced a tour in 2018...

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