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Costner in dark glasses, holding a gun and smoking a cigarette, with the young boy beside him.

"Clearly it's a movie about abduction, and clearly he doesn't appear to be a good guy," said one of the top studio executives here.

Equally perplexing is the question of just which audience the film is aimed at, being neither mainstream-friendly enough to satisfy those who lapped up Costner's do-goody turn in last year's The Bodyguard, nor those expecting another masterpiece from Eastwood in the wake of the Oscar-winning Unforgiven.

The problem herein is not that Costner is cast against acceptable type as a murderous con on the lam, but that John Lee Hancock's script — which offers half a dozen intriguing and potentially explosive possibilities, the majority of which come off as blanks under Clint's direction — allows the film to boil over in the heat of the midday sun, when, ideally, it needed to be left to simmer. Representing justice are Dern's state-appointed omni-nologist and Clint's grizzled Texas Ranger who set off in lukewarm pursuit, taking their manhunt to the backroads of Texas within the confines of a sleek silver caravan — their paths intersecting with Haynes only twice.

Although the acting is of a high calibre as expected, the story disappoints with little character development or action.

9— Just about everyone in Hollywood was convinced that the film "A Perfect World" would emerge a winner. The movie paired two of the world's biggest stars, Kevin Costner and Clint Eastwood, whose last few films were financial bonanzas.

Set in a Texas still awaiting JFK's fateful visit, this is little more than a Western in 60s dress, with Costner's William "Butch" Haynes breaking out of prison along with fellow convict Terry Pugh (Keith Szarabajka), and setting off on an ill-founded quest to Alaska, taking hostage a fatherless eight-year-old Jehovah's Witness called Phillip (T. Indeed, with both Dern and Clint very much on the periphery, it's the relationship between Costner and the boy that is at the heart of the film.

Eastwood manages a number of nice touches--the boy's innocence is nicely contrasted with Costner's soft-spoken desperado by the Casper Halloween costume he wears, and the law-enforcement officials look vaguely foolish, tooling around the countryside with a high-tech camper in tow.

The answers say less about "A Perfect World" than about the nature of Hollywood and the moviegoing public. But you've got to make a wide variety of things so someday people look back and say, 'Hey, he tried, he did this, he took some risks.' " "In this film," Mr.

The disappointing performance of "A Perfect World" involves the limits of star power at the box office; the sentiments of audiences that certain megastars, like Mr. Eastwood said, "the audience was probably expecting two guys who'd be at each other, or two pals on a wild adventure.

Costner, should play only specific types of roles; the delicacy of certain subject matter, like the kidnapping of a child; the problems of marketing and promoting a film for a specific audience, in this case, men. It wasn't that kind of film." The brooding movie, set in Texas in 1963, deals with an escaped convict, played by Mr.

Perhaps most important is the fact that big-budget, high-profile films like "A Perfect World" are increasingly rushed into the ferociously competitive movie marketplace without time for studios to determine the best way to find an audience. Costner, who kidnaps a 7-year-old boy and holds him hostage as he flees. Although the reviews were mixed, Janet Maslin, writing in The New York Times, said Mr.

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Audiences at early screenings gave the film high marks. Costner had given one of his finest performances in years, while Mr. Costner and the studio that produced the movie, Warner Brothers, waited for crowds to line up at the box office. The movie, which was released just before Thanksgiving, has grossed a tepid $30 million.

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